lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2009

Hace veinte años: Masacre de odio en Montreal

Ayer 6 de diciembre Canadá observó su National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women , ello en la misma fecha que veinte años atrás , un hombre asesinó a 14 estudiantes de ingeniería por ser mujeres, mientras gritaba que odiaba a las feministas.
Ver video sobre la noticia aquí

Entre los artículos y ensayos que he leído por el tema (gracias, Aníbal), destaco este fragmento:

I still maintain that the absence of relationships with women should be considered a major warning sign that a man is capable of mass homocide or femicide. It’s such an obvious commonality of all of these North American massacres–from Montreal, to V-Tech, to Fort Hood. But, because misogyny is normalized, and the degradation of women is a substantial part of our entertainment and political culture, guys like this get a pass until they start shooting. We mourn the victims, but we don’t take meaningful steps to prevent the creation of other victims. There’s no political advantage in reducing even mentally ill and socially maladjusted men’s Second Amendment rights.[Enfasis nuestro] (Ann M. Little a.k.a. Historiann en su blog)


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