sábado, 28 de marzo de 2009

Terminated: Why the Women of Wall Street Are Disappearing

Interesantísimo artículo de la Revista Forbes sobre los despidos masivos en Wall Street y cómo las mujeres se han llevado la peor parte. Cito un fragmento:

In the worst financial crash since the Depression, financial services
and insurance firms have cut 260,000 jobs. Seventy-two percent of the missing workers laid off have been women, even though they constituted 64% of employment before the crash began. As one plaintiff, Wan Li, bluntly puts it in a separate suit against Citigroup, which has been settled: Women "are unfairly selected for layoff over male employees with lesser merit or qualifications because of their gender." Says the bank: "Citi has a long-standing commitment to equal employment practices and to provide a professional and respectful workplace free of unlawful discrimination."

Me gustaría saber cómo este fenómeno se ha reflejado en Puerto Rico. ¿Alguién sabe?

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